Traction #011: How to Create More Content in Less Time

August 16, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes. 

Today is part 2 of Content Marketing 101. 

We're continuing our series today, but a bit later than I planned. Here's why.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with a project that at the end of the project you felt wiped out? That was me last week. So I took some time to rest, relax, and reset everything in my work schedule.

Pro Tip: Managing your energy as a business owner is critical to business success. Health success. Relationship success. There's nothing wrong with taking a break. It's a great mental health strategy. So if you feel wiped out, take a break. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. 

Now let's dive in to Content Marketing 101 - part 2. You can read part 1 here

What to Know

To make the most of the content you produce, repurpose it. 

Repurposing content is a smart way to extend the reach and lifespan of what you create, and it saves you a ton of time and money along the way.

What to Do

Choose an existing piece of content, take it apart, and put it back together in a different format.

Here are 7 examples to get your wheels turning:

  1. Post each chapter of an ebook as a separate blog post, or combine several related blog posts into a new, high-value ebook. 
  2. Turn blog posts into emails or videos or both (or vice versa). You could combine a few blog posts to create a video course as well. I'm doing that right now with some of my Traction newsletter articles. I created the Website Mini-Masterclass, four videos to help you make tangible changes to your website to get more sales. I'm planning to take a few Traction newsletter articles and create more mini-masterclasses (e.g. Email Marketing, Social Media). 
  3. Develop a webinar using content you’ve already created. It's easy to do this. I use to create my webinars and from that I can easily create social media posts. My next webinar is called: Small Business Marketing Masterclass, a one-hour online workshop designed to help you clarify your marketing message, connect to more customers, and grow your company. 
  4. Use long-form content as inspiration for a series of social media posts. It's easy to do this if you've created an ebook. In 2023, you'll hear more about a new ebook I've been writing called Social Media Blueprint: An 8-Step Plan to Get Unstuck and Start Using Social Media to Grow Your Small Business. My first ebook gave me plenty of content to use so I expect the same from this new one. 
  5. Create an infographic from research you’ve done. has plenty of templates for this. 
  6. Look at your older content to see if it can be updated or refreshed to make it more relevant or useful. You may be able to add or update statistics or incorporate new trends or best practices.
  7. Share screenshots of customer testimonials as social media graphics. This can be done and easily shared on your Facebook and Instagram stories. 

That's it for this week. Try one or more of these strategies to repurpose some of your content today. It's one of the best strategies I can share to help you create more content in less time. 

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August 22: Using a content calendar to stay consistent.


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