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Hi, I'm James. Is your website making you money? If not, watch this self-guided website masterclass to make tangible changes to your website to boost your revenue. 

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How to get people's attention

Three questions you must answer in less than 10 seconds

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How to write an engaging website

The secret to building trust, so people will want to know more

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How to encourage prospects to say "yes"

An easy way to get hesitant buyers to take action

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How to get more sales opportunities

A simple way to stay top-of-mind with your ideal customers

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Finally, digital marketing advice that's...

Easy to understand

Simple to implement

Long on results

You can do this.

As a Mississippi State University faculty member, I've helped thousands of businesses fix their marketing.

As a business owner just like you, I know first-hand how frustrating it is to waste time and money on marketing that just doesn't move the dial.

I created this series of videos so you can stop feeling stuck and start getting traction with your marketing today.

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Dr. James Barnes, Ph.D.
Associate Extension Professor, Mississippi State University
StoryBrand Certified Guide

If your website isn't making you money,

you need this masterclass.

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The Website Mini-Masterclass

Four videos to help you clarify your website message to grow your sales