Traction #010: How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Marketing

August 16, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes. 

When it comes to marketing, too many businesses assume, “If we build it, they will come.” But if you want to attract attention online—both from people and from Google—marketing needs to be an ongoing priority.

Over the next three editions of Traction, I’ll offer some high-level tips to help you do just that—by leveraging the power of content marketing.

What to Know

Content marketing, creating helpful content and sharing it for free, can help you attract website visitors, generate leads, and increase sales.

“Helpful content” can come in many different forms: blog posts, ebooks, social media updates, videos, infographics, podcasts, and more.

Over time, content marketing builds your authority and supports your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. It also creates reciprocity: The more generous you are toward your audience, the more your audience will want to reciprocate by making a purchase from you.

If you’re like many small business owners, you may feel instantly overwhelmed by the idea of content marketing. Your to-do list is already a mile long, so how can you add even one more thing? Besides, even if you had the time to create content, what would it even be about?

I hear you! But it’s so much simpler than you might think. 

What to Do

Invest one hour putting together a content tree for your business. 

    The truth is, trying to decide what content to create takes nearly as much time as actually creating it. Putting together a content tree erases the overthinking from the process. 

      • Step 1: Jot down a few high-level categories you could create content about. If you’re feeling stuck, think about the “buckets” of questions your clients typically ask. For example, if you’re a home design-build firm, your categories might include: 
        • Location considerations
        • Architectural styles
        • Design-build process
        • Indoor design/features
        • Outdoor design/features
      • Step 2: Break each of your high-level categories into sub-categories. For instance, let’s break “indoor design/features” into the following: 
        • Foyer/entryway
        • Kitchens
        • Main suites
        • Home offices
        • Guest quarters
      • Step 3: Break your sub-categories into topics. Let’s use “kitchens” for our example: 
        • Floor plans
        • Kitchen islands and bars
        • Cabinets and countertops
        • Appliances
        • Lighting
      • Step 4 (You’re almost there!): Now, turn each topic into titles. If we zero in on “kitchen islands and bars,” we could create content like: 
        • 6 Must-Have Features for a Gourmet Kitchen Island
        • Pros and Cons of Island Sinks
        • 7 Common Kitchen Island Design Mistakes
        • How to Design the Perfect Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island
        • 12 Questions to Ask Before Finalizing Your Kitchen Island Design

    Now, repeat the process for each of your categories, subcategories, and topics! Before you know it, you’ll have dozens and dozens of content ideas.

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