Traction #003: How to Show Up Better on Google Maps

April 18, 2023

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Today is part 3 of our four-part Google Business series. See the rest of the series.

What to Know

For local businesses, Google’s “map pack” is the promised land.
If someone Googles the exact name of your business, your website might show up on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). But new customers probably don’t know the name of your business. And in that case, they’ll search for something like:

  • Florists near me
  • Youth basketball program in [town name]
  • Business coaches near [zip code]

When people create these types of searches, Google displays a map at the top of the search results with relevant local businesses highlighted. And you want to be on that map!

What to Do

Google looks at three “signals” when it decides what results to show to your customers: relevance, prominence, and distance. So let’s talk about how to optimize for each of those signals.

  1. Relevance—How closely your Google Business profile matches someone’s search terms. Be sure the business category and services section of your profile are complete and accurate. Use the same keywords your customers are using.
  2. Prominence—How well-known your business is. Post Google Business profile updates regularly—about once a week. More importantly, develop a strategy to get more reviews from current customers. (More on that in the next edition of Traction!)
  3. Distance—How close your business is to the person who’s searching for help. Make sure your service area, business name, address, and phone number are accurate and listed exactly the same everywhere you show up online: your website footer, social media accounts, Angie’s list, Google Business profile, and so on. And by “exactly” I do mean exactly—down to the comma before LLC (or not) and spelling out Street (or not). Google’s a computer, after all, so it’s looking for exact matches.

Master Your Marketing

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Dr. James Barnes, PhD
Associate Extension Professor & StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide
Mississippi State University


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