Traction #007: How to Write Emails that Get Read

June 14, 2023

Today is part 3 of Email Marketing Secrets. See the previous editions in this series.

Let's go ahead and get to it. 

What to Know

On average, people receive more than 100 emails a day.

And that’s just work emails! That means you have some fierce inbox competition, and if you want people to read your emails, they have to stand out as being… worth reading

In general, emails are “worth reading” if they provide one or more of the following:

    • Help. They help readers solve a problem (or a piece of one).
    • Value. They save readers time or money.
    • Entertainment or Inspiration. They're compelling, funny, and/or share good news.

What to Do

Outline your next five emails.

Whether you email your list monthly, weekly, or more often, write up a plan for your next five emails. 

Feeling stuck? Try this:

  • Email 1: Brainstorm a list of common problems your customers experience (as it relates to what you sell). Choose one of those problems, and write an email with a simple bullet-point plan to help them solve it. (Help)
  • Email 2: Share a short testimonial or two from customers you’ve helped recently, and remind readers how you can help them, too. (Entertainment/Inspiration)
  • Email 3: Think about your ideal customer and their to-do list. Now, suggest one quick thing they can do this week—related to what you offer— to help them shave time off one of their tasks. (Value)
  • Email 4: Write about the “why” behind your business. Don’t be afraid to share your personal story! Remember: People do business with brands they know, like, and trust. (Entertainment/Inspiration)
  • Email 5: Offer a limited-time coupon for a product you sell or a small bonus for a service you offer. (Value)

You've got this! See you next time.

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Dr. James Barnes, PhD
Associate Extension Professor & StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide
Mississippi State University


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