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“The marketing services I received from Dr. Barnes helped clarify my message and our growth is now astronomical!”

Dr. Kenneth Thomas, Umble Coffee

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“I highly recommend Bricks-to-Clicks® Marketing to any organization or business!”

Jeannie W. Zieren, Mississippi Main Street Association

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"Our sales have increased 54% during our historically slowest time of year.”

Jack Robertson, HogEye Cameras

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Marketing shouldn't feel like flushing money down the drain, but unfortunately, that's exactly how it feels for many small business owners.

I've worked with thousands of small businesses over the last ten years to help them get results from their marketing. Sign up for Traction and get the most practical tips I've learned to help you grow your audience and sales.

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Dr. James Barnes, PhD
Associate Extension Professor & StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide
Mississippi State University

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